Code Issues

The Building Code will often identify the public doorways that must be provided with a power door operator. However, the Building Code does not always specify the placement of the power door operator push button. These two short videos clearly show that a poorly positioned push button (in the door frame) makes it impossible for a person in a wheelchair to enter a space; while a positively positioned push button (outside of the door swing) makes for easy access for any user in a wheelchair.

NAIT NewsWatch's

NAIT NewsWatch: Accessible Architecture

This video was produced by a young NAIT media student, doing a news feature on visitable housing.

HUB Mall Accessibility 

These two short videos show the different pathways visitors – those who can use stairs and those who cannot – must use to get to the second floor of HUB Mall, located at the University of Alberta’s campus in Edmonton.

Your Homes Visitability

 A local architect wants homeowners to consider the ‘visitability’ of their home. As Su-Ling Goh reports, that means that anyone could visit, regardless of whether they can walk well or not.